House Bill 988-NC Prison Reform     Bill Summaries: H988 (2019-2020 Session) Tracking: Bill H 988 (2019-2020) Summary date: Apr 26 2019 - View summary Part I. Amends GS 20-24.1 (Revocation of driver's license for failure to appear or pay fine, penalty or costs for motor vehicle offenses) by adding to subdivision (a)(2) the requirement that before revoking a … Continue reading House Bill 988-NC Prison Reform

House Bill 511-NC First Step Act

Follow this closely.  NC is trying to amend the lengthy mandatory sentences allowed.  This is set to be on the Senate's calendar 10/21/2019. Bill Summaries: H511 (2019-2020 Session) Tracking: Bill H 511 (2019-2020) Summary date: Oct 9 2019 - View summary Senate committee substitute to the 3rd edition makes the following changes. Modifies proposed … Continue reading House Bill 511-NC First Step Act

Sometimes YOU just have to START

Sometimes you just have to start...start the business...start the workout...start the blog...start the divorce process....start the relationship....start the healing the counseling...start the application for school...start the job...sometimes you just have to START.....To get to the next level or in some cases to get to the end you have to just START.....if you never start … Continue reading Sometimes YOU just have to START