Most often you hear people say change your “mindset” but I am a believer in changing your mind. Your mindset is an established set of attitudes that you hold but your “mind” is your element, it is what makes you aware of what’s going on in the world and your experiences. It has control over what you think and feel and the absolute consciousness of your thoughts. Your mindset focuses on your attitudes toward your experiences and what’s going on around you, so ultimately changing your mind CHANGES your mindset. If you focus your mind on defeat, negativity, brokenness and things of that nature, your mindset will become defeated, negative and broken. Your mind has that ability to change your mindset into whatever you focus and put your energy on. Feeding your mind positivity, light and healthy energy establishes an “open mindset”. When you constantly feed your mind negativity it establishes a “closed mindset”. When something is closed there is no ability for anything to move in or out, so all the negativity that is in there just sits and manifests through you and your actions daily. But when you have an open mindset you are able to pull in the positive and push out negative of your own free will and you can manifest positivity into your daily actions. Changing your mind can ultimately change your life….there is nothing more powerful than being in control of what manifests from you and not having it dictated by outside forces…Control your mind and you can control your life!!

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