Depression:Shift Energy & Change Routines

Depression is a very hard illness to deal of the things that I have found that helps is shifting energy…You have to shift energy away from what is the root of the depression and that may mean that you have to cut ties with people, situations, and possibly change up your routine. We all understand how some people or situations can cause us to further spiral into depression and feel like there is no hope BUT I have found that our ROUTINES are a big factor in the battle of depression…..We follow routines because it’s so familiar and somewhat comfortable, no matter how toxic it may be, and breaking routine is often scary so we live in it and we cycle and cycle until we don’t try to find ways out of it because it becomes the norm…it becomes what we deem as safe in our minds…Try to break away from your routine, meet new people, give your energy to positivity and pull your energy away from all of the cants and wonts and focus on the cans and the wills!!

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