Sometimes being real with yourself is the hardest thing that you could ever do…It is so easy to point out the flaws in others and to offer beneficial life advice to everyone else but continue to sink into the dark hole that is your life. One of the most important facts of life is to learn how to be real with yourself. Life is a journey and every step you take on that journey is life changing…Some steps change your life positively while others change your life in a negative manner BUT through it all we must BE REAL with ourselves…learn to accept our flaws..learn to find the lessons in our mistakes…learn to repeat positive behavior..and accept the outcomes of our own decisions…Being real with yourself is hard but it’s necessary….It’s necessary to life, goals, outcomes and progress…”Being real” is an action term and by that I mean it is meant to be acted out and not just spoken about…Be real and recognize your failures and shortcomings, as well as your successes and don’t try to be real with everyone on your path without first being real with yourself!!

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